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Tagged with love by RottenDoggo, yay...

1. You have to post these rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people stupid :U
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 stupid :U
6. You can't say you don't do tags. no? :>>>
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
9. You have to finish this within a week. If not, you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc. blergh
10. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things. ( I WAS)

Things about me. It won't be interesting.
1. I behave like dog sometimes
2. I'm transsexual
I like watching furry porn
I'm writing my actual book from last year and still have 15 pages
It isn't my first book
Only pet in my house is... me
I like petting
I'm shy. Scared dog ccc:
I have paranoia.
I'm planning almost everything...
I like dog food
I'm aquarius
I have bad memory, so my bf must remind me about taking pills and using eye drops everyday cc'':

Questions I've got uwu

1. Single or taken?
Happily taken : > ♥

2. Do you want to find your prince or princess? (or anything in between , as we know there is more than two genders?)
I found already. My princess ♥♥♥ (don't kill me XDD )

3. What do you think about bisexual ppl? Some ppl thinks that they are not loyal and such? Do you belive in things like that?
Bullshiiit, bi is normal as I know ó__ó

4. Watching news in tv? Or listening on the radio? (maybe reading on internet?)
tv. But I feel better to read about it in net too so I can decide what to think about things :U

5. Heard about attack in Manchester? What do you feel/think about it?
Terrorists sucks...


7. Deep thoughts?Not so deep? Share it with us!

8. Working on anything today? Art? poem? idk crocheting???
I guess art, need some arts to portfolio u.u

9. Art supplies time! Your favs? Pencils? Pens? Maybe you only work in digital?
Emm, I'm currently drawing with Pigma pens and Uni Pin (have got them from honey unu), before i was using Faber Castel ones (actually only 3 ones xP), still have them, must start to use ó__ó

10. Do you belive in something?
christian God, greek gods, any other gods, UFO, supernatural things and maybe faith

11. Fav quote/s? Good advice in life?
Have none. Maybe.. no, have none

12.I know my questions are deep like ocean but is this even interesting xD?
A little > :c (Im telling it cuz I like you)

13. And finally, wish us something!
Good luck in life.

THE END  cuz I don't like these rules cc:

If someone didnt notice yet:
I made Patreon account. Yeah... It's supposed to be my financial help for college, because it's too expensive for me and if I'll be accepted into it I need some help from you, guys ^^''

What you will get for patronage?
-Psd files
-Probably works in progress
-Maybe some hints??

Thank you if you decided to be my patron! ; P


My patreon

I know almost no one will read it, I just realised there's poor activity from my watchers... Would be nice if ppl would give watch when they really wanna watch what you're doing... But maybe I can try with this journal ehh...
What can I do to improve my art?
Well, idk what to say too much, but it was really fun to be there 3 days ^^ I was before only for saturday, one day was definitely too little for this con.
So I met some random nice ppl, but I didnt see familiar faces ó__ó (everyone always were there where I weren't?? )
Anyway I think next year I'll try to do my own stand on con and sell some things, but we will see how it come first, if not, I still will be on con (or if i will have studies this time then... huh, then I can't and I hope I won't have studies this time u.u )

Okay, but now I'm back and will continue on commissions, sorry for long time waiting, I'll try to do it next days, but not promise, my end exams are in 3 days so it will be hard to do something more creative than studying to pass them x__x''

Okay, so me and my new bought on con black tail are comming back to drawing. I love this tail. Omg.

So I decided to publish my (not only mine) plan of Pyrkon 2017, just for information where you can meet me : 3
Remember that published plan can change!
(yeah, it's mostly sketch of plan sooo)


15:00- Aula 2- Q&A with Sebastian Roche
16:00- Filmowo-serialowa- 15 najgorszych filmów o wampirach
17:00- Autografy 3- Sebastian Roche
17:00-Literacka 2- Siri Petterson <---with this option i will have free time (bff wanna go here)
-Sala Ziemi- Trup ściele się gęsto
18:30- Sala Ziemi- Peter Watts <--- FREE TIME FOR SURE! !

19:30-Aula 2- How to make debut?
20:00- Konkursowa 2- Co ty wiesz o Winchesterach?
20:00- Naukowa- Racjonalne korzenie legend
21:00- Literacka 2- Co czai się pod łóżkiem?
22:00- Fabularna 1- Dlaczego nic nie wynosisz z teorii LARPowych (? ? ?)


10:00- Naukowa- podbijanie kosmosu
10:00- Literacka 2- diabły z Miszczuk
10:30- Autografy Sebastian Roche again (in case of not getting them first time again)
11:00- Autografy 2- Katarzyna Berenika Miszczuk
11:30- Literacka 1- światotworzenie
12:00- Filmowo-serialowa- Jak utrzymać władzę nad galaktyką?
12:00- Autografy 3- sesja zdjęciowa Sebastian Roche
13:00- Autografy Peter Watts <---free time
13:30- Konkursowa 1- konkurs o logo
14:00- Plac Marka- lazer tag
14:30- Blok integracyjny- Disney Karaoke
15:00- Warsztat 15- Warsztaty Tworzenia Potworów
15:00- Sebastian Roche, sesja zdjęciowa (2)
15:00- Naukowa- Kryptografia
16:30-SR- autografy
17:00- Komiksowa- A brief history of Spider-Man movies
17:30- Aula 2- Does Free Will Exist
18:00-Konkursowa 2-konkurs wiedzy słowiańskiej
19:00- Aula 2- Neverscience with Peter Watts <--- free time
19:00- MASKARADA (more possible option, my bff wanna start there)


10:00- Komiksowa- Thor i Loki
10:00- Filmowo-serialowa- Easter eggs w serialu Supernatural
10:00- Autografy Sebastian Roche (3? )
11:00- Gry bitewne- Pomaluj figurkę z Lechcyferem
11:30-Sesja zdjęciowa z Sebastianem Roche
12:00- Arena- Golfapokalipsa
15:00- Naukowa- Transhumanizm
15:00- SR autografy

! ! ! Probably friday and sunday I will have on me red t-shirt with written "PUPPY" on it. I will be somewhere close to "KITTEN"

Okay, I think that's all info for this time
See you on Pyrkon!~

(btw, every person I'll meet must draw me something in my amazing sketchbook and write nick from dA or smth. In other case I will curse you > :U )

This year i'll be on Pyrkon for all three days.
Who cares.... XD
Just info. Yeah. If someone would like to meet me ( the best lie I've ever came up with : >>> )
More info here ----> Commissions info 2017/18 by ShadowSideMaster
Okay, so I have Instagram account. Again.
This time account is made by SterlingWithScarf (thank you hun ♥ ) and we both will check it, reply for some things etc etc
Maybe Ill just put link there

 Sparkle Emoji  LINK Sparkle Emoji 


Wiem, że robię to co jakiś czas, no ale mam ksionszkuf na sprzedaż i co ja poradzę, może ktoś się zainteresuje > :'c

Obca pamięć
W przededniu
Muzyka światła

Mój profil OLX
Winter break ! ! !
How niceeeeeee
Also with this end tests year I became lazy shit e___e I have no force to do comic, arts etc, Im not that active now...
I don't know what to write in journals anymore now, I didn't write something from life from really long time (year, more...?)
So how is in my life, I think good, I'm killing depression. Yeah. Imma killer. I wanted now to put there one of these dry jokes but it's probably lame : I

After tests if I'll pass I'm going to college to Posen for computer graphics- publishing house graphics (anyone wanna go to Collegium Da Vinci there...? > :c )
Hmmm, what to sayyy moreeee
Keep calm
Make art
Peel potatoes.
That's all.

Im expecting under this journal some life stories > :UU
The topic is...
Im blind, I can't see it on this new new dA version

Thanks for replies before you reply of course, God will reward you it in kids c:
Sooooo I have account on RedBubble now! (It's his fault)
I'll submit here something from time to time, but first products are available already. Come and seeeeee…
Watch him or you'll die

I don't know when I wrote something here last time... Soo, I'm writing right now XD
School is bad, life is bad, sweets are good.
Too much work, I don't know what to do with my life, I'm working all day and idk when take a rest ó__ó
And halloween at monday! Love halloween so much, yeah, I'm dressing up and will show u results. Maybe. XD
Okay, end of this non-interesting things XD
I'm just done now.


Nie wiem kiedy ostatnio tu coś napisałem... To piszę XD
Niektórzy wiedzą że nie lubię się powtarzać, więc zamiast przetłumaczyć powyższy tekst opowiem go nieco inaczej [*]
Mam tyle roboty, że aż mi dupę urywa, przychodzę ze szkoły- pracuję, większość łikendów- pracuję, nawet nie wiem kiedy mam sobie przerwę zrobić ><''
I nadchodzi halloween! Już jutero, wrzucę jakieś fotki bo szykuję sobie ciuszki.
No i koniec moich inaczej skonstruowanych wypocin w sumie, już wszystko się wyjaśniło XD


You're not dead yet...? ó__ó

Moja sis robi prezkę na zajęcia i musi coś określić, więc jeśli możecie, odpowiedzcie:
Jaki jest wasz ulubiony film o superbohaterach z Marvela?

My sis makin presentation and she need somethin, so please answer if u can:
Which is your favourite Marvel superhero movie?
Me and SolarinPL are on Patreon now! We're poor, please, pay XDDD (kidding)
No więc prawie skończyłem pisać. Problem w tym, że nie skończę. Dlaczego? No, nie jest to coś co chciałbym mieć za debiut książkowy. Miało to wyjść zupełnie inaczej i zdałem sobie sprawę, że muszę to jeszcze grubo przemyśleć i zrobić drugie podejście po dokładnym rozplanowaniu, bo spontan tej powieści kompletnie nie służy. Zapomniałem wielu pojęć, kilka z nich zostało wciśnięte na siłę i więcej nie wspomniane... No po prostu totalna lipa :'T
Na początku chciałem wrzucić to do neta i potem wrócić z odnowioną wersją do druku. Ale czy jest w tym jakiś sens jeśli wszyscy będą znali zakończenie?
Muszę to na prawdę dopracować, zrobić plan wydarzeń, rozpisy pojęć i inne tego typu. Żal mi zostawić tę historię więc na pewno ją zrealizuję, ale najwidoczniej jeszcze nie czas. Obiecuję jednak, że jak dojdzie do realizacji to będzie wszystko w miarę dopracowane.
Pewnie i tak się tym nikt nie przejął xD
No to zaczynam pisać trylogię "Famulus" na pełen etat. Zobaczymy co z tego wyjdzie.

By ShadowSideMaster & Midori-Koga

2. Carnivores
3. Crow
4. A promise
5. Lonely people
6. Forest
7. Waterfalls
8. Memories
9. Dreams
10. Demons
11. Angel
12. Dragon
13. Only for You
14. Last breath
15. Fortune
16. Here's to you!
17. Saved life
18. Fog
19. Imagine world
20. Powerful
21. Blood
22. Trust
23. Arrival
24. Invicible
25. Death
26. Tears
27. Dawn
28. Harvest
29. Weak up!
30. It has begun
31. Time
32. The Ballad
33. Luna
34. Don't look back
35. Universe
36. Destroyer
37. Misery
38. Future
39. Immortal
40. Deep in ocean
41. Farewell
42. Monster
43. Treasure
44. Mother Earth
45. Victory
46. Darkness
47. Stars
48. Lights
49. Innocence
50. You will remember me
51. Point of No Return
52. Destiny
53. Storyteller
54. Labyrinth
55. What we create
56. Unreal
57. Last chance
58. Thing You Shouldn't See
59. Hero
60. Danger
61. Summer
62. Together
63. They don't care
64. Wild
65. Liar
66. Secret
67. Magic
68. Gossip girl
69. Forgotten
70. Cat
71. Fictional character
72. Let It Die
73. Garden
74. Home
75. Nightmare
76. Bird
77. Unicorn
78. Pegasus
79. Mirror
80. God
81. King
82. Inside my mind
83. A miracle
84. Knight
85. Colder
86. Paranormal activity
87. Boulevard
88. Bad omen
89. Lady
90. Villain
91. Prayer
92. Hold on
93. Book
94. Swan
95. Cartoon
96. Three colors
97. Happiness
98. Two sides
99. Poison
100. Storm